Forklift Training - eTruck Refresher Course

eTruck Refresher

What is eTruck Refresher?

The new Counterbalance Lift Truck Operator Refresher eTruck delivers high-quality refresher training that saves you time and money, without compromising standards or safety.

With this new eLearning program, RTITB forklift operators must complete four sections. This takes around one and a half hours and is done completely online rather than in a classroom setting, accessible from a tablet, laptop or PC, so can take place anywhere and anytime, even outside of usual working hours. Upon successful completion of the eTruck Refresher, candidates will extend their licence for 2 years.

For those candidates who hold an in-house or an accredited certificate, but who do not hold the RTITB qualification, they can complete the 1.5 hours eTruck training followed by a half day practical training course in order to gain the RTITB accreditation.

Why choose eTruck Refresher?

Operators can obtain a 2-year refresher period extension for Counterbalance Lift Truck Operators without doing any practical training if they successfully complete the final 25-question multiple choice test.

This two-year extension can only be applied once before a full practical course must be undertaken.

Candidates are out of the business for a shorter time, minimising costs and downtime. This is even more important during the current economic uncertainty with tight budgets.

The new forklift eLearning refresher program gives employers more flexibility and options for companies.

Can I really extend my licence for 2 years with no practical training?

Yes, the eLearning extension was first brought in to ensure compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The RTITB have since deemed it sufficient training to allow 2-year extensions onto current RTITB Counterbalance licences. After 2 years candidates must then complete practical training.

Other eLearning Refreshers

Do you have other licences which need extending? No need to worry. Although eTruck is primarily for Counterbalance licences, RTITB have developed eLearning extension courses for a range of other trucks! RTITB eLearning extensions will extend your licence for 1 year – see below the list of courses available for eLearning refresher:


Electric Pallet & Stacker Truck

Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)

Pivot Steer Truck (Bendi)

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

Order Picker

Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck

Tow Tractor


Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksman

Slinger & Signaller

Vehicle Mounter Hydraulic Lorry Loader (HIAB)

Overhead Crane


eTruck Refresher            Counterbalance          2 year extension      £109 + VAT

eLearning Refresher      Trucks listed above     1 year extension      £89 + VAT