HGV Training - HGV Training or LGV Training?

HGV Training or LGV Training?

It's a question we're often asked. The answer is simple. Either, because they're the same.

HGV Licences

Until 1992, trucks were known in the UK as Heavy Goods Vehicles. During 1992 the UK adopted the same terminology as the EU and started using the term Large Goods Vehicles. Since that date, HGV and LGV have been interchangeable terms meaning the same thing. The UK also started using the letter system of licence classification. So, whilst it is still common to use a phrase such as Class One HGV Driver, since 1992 LGV CE driver has been the more technically correct description as the driver holds a Large Goods Vehicle Lorry (C) with Trailer (E)

LGV Licences

The Large Goods Vehicle Licence Categories are reasonably logical and easy to understand.

A quick explanation is Car (B), Lorry (C), Bus (D). An (E) after the letter denotes a trailer and a 1 denotes a restriction due to weight or number of passengers e.g. D1 is a minibus.

The Government websites flip between using HGV, LGV and Lorry. There are sections on How to Become an HGV Driver, then Booking a Lorry Test at an LGV Test Centre. This website predominantly uses the term HGV because it is the one most commonly used by our candidates.