HGV Training - Straight To Class 1 Licence?

Straight to Class 1 Licence?

Is a Fast Track HGV Course your best option?

Like many things in life the answer is 'maybe' or it 'depends'

From September 2021 when the Government announced that it was allowing candidates to undertake Class 1 (Cat CE) training without having undergone Class 2 (Cat C) training first whether the fast track option is better is a question we are asked many times every day.

The only answer we can give is 'it depends on the candidates' ability and personal circumstances'

It will save time, but it probably won't save money for the average driver.

Traditionally a lot of candidates passed their Class 2 and would then gain experience driving rigid lorries before progressing to Class 1.

To progress straight from car to artic means that the only experience the candidate will have will be in the training vehicle. A lot of drivers cope brilliantly. A few struggle and would look back and think they'd probably have been better going the traditional Class 2 first route.

If someone has a dream job as an artic driver on offer for as soon as they pass their LGV licence, then speed of passing matters so straight to Class 1 is the obvious choice.

If a candidate is on a tighter budget then earning good money as a Class 2 driver and using those wages to progress to Class 1 is probably the best solution.

Everybody is different. We're here to help you choose.