Frequently Asked Questions

About Enterprise Transport Training

Will Enterprise Transport Training be around in the future for additional training?

Enterprise Transport Training has grown steadily since 1997. We have endured recessions and the covid pandemic. Unlike many of our pop-up competitors, we are here to stay and grow with you.

Do Enterprise Transport Training do Special Offers?

Yes, Enterprise Transport Training has monthly special offers that include bundles of training courses. By purchasing bundles, great discounts are there to be had. Simply go to Book Now - Special offers to see the offers of the month!

Is Enterprise Transport Training the best for transport training?

We like to think so and are totally committed to ensuring your experience with us is of the highest quality. But don't take our word for it. Ask a driver or a transport manager. Chances are over the past 25 years we've trained them or someone they know.

Can the Enterprise Transport trainers come to us?

Yes, Enterprise Transport Training regularly does onsite courses for our clients.

Online Bookings

Is your website a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! Enterprise Transport Training partner a top payment company which guarantee your payment safety and security. All billing information is stored with our payment processing partner which has the most stringent level of certification available within the industry.

Can I book transport training courses online?

Transport training courses can be purchased easily online in just a few simple steps using the Enterprise Transport Training website. Secure payments can be made by credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

Should I book online or call over the phone?

The choice is yours, however well over 50% of all Enterprise Transport Training bookings are taken via the website with feedback ratings of 9/10 the average.


What is an ADR Course?

An ADR course is for drivers to allow them to transport dangerous goods.

What are the benefits of taking an ADR course?

Apart from becoming more knowledgeable about the legal requirements concerning the transportation of dangerous goods, the hours spent learning do count towards driver CPC periodic training hours. Drivers with ADR training certificates have more options when seeking employment opportunities.

What does ADR stand for?

ADR is French for “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” which is a treaty dating back to 1957 from the United Nations regarding the governance of international transport of Dangerous Goods

Can I accumulate my driver CPC hours by doing an ADR course?

Yes. The 3.5 day core, packages & 7 classes are accredited for 21 Driver CPC hours. The 5 day core, packages, tanks & 7 classes are accredited for 28 hours.

What ADR classes do you not offer?

There are 2 ADR classes that are rarely used in day-to-day transport and would involve additional specific training. These ADR classes are explosives and radio actives. At present we do not offer training for these classes of dangerous goods.


What is a DGSA?

DGSA stands for Dangerous Good Safety Advisor

When would I need a DGSA?

You must have a dangerous goods safety adviser if you transport dangerous goods unless: ... you're only receiving the dangerous goods (you're the 'consignee') they're in 'limited quantities' or you're moving them a very short distance by road. For example between buildings on an industrial estate

How do I become a DGSA?

To become a DGSA, you are required to pass 3 examinations. These are a Core Paper, an All Classes Paper and a Road Paper. All 3 exams are sat on the same day.

Is it easy to become a DGSA?

The exams aren't easy, as is borne out by the national pass rate. However, if approached logically they become a lot easier as all the information is in the books you take into the exam with you. Our job is to train you to access the information.

What does a DGSA do?

A DGSA's role is to monitor compliance and advise undertakings about the requirements governing the carriage of dangerous goods. They also produce an annual report.

How long does a DGSA Certificate last?

A DGSA certificate is valid for 5 years.

DGSA Consultancy

What does a DGSA do?

A DGSA's role is to monitor compliance with and advise undertakings about the requirements governing the carriage of dangerous goods. They also produce an annual report.

Driver CPC

What does CPC mean?

CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Once you have acquired 35 hours of periodic training you will receive a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). You must carry this card while driving a lorry, bus or coach professionally.

How many Driver CPC hours do I need to acquire and over how long?

35 Driver CPC hours are required over your 5-year period. This averages at 7 hours per year.

I think I have Grandfather rights – how do I check?

For Grandfather rights (or acquired rights) you will have had to have passed your car test prior to January 1997. You can easily check by looking at your driving licence for D1 (Minibus) or C1 (7.5 Tonne) entitlement.

How often do Enterprise Transport Training run Periodic CPC courses?

Enterprise Transport Training runs CPC courses 7 days a week. Go to Book Now, and select Driver CPC to find the next course convenient for yourself.

How does online CPC training work?

Online CPC training is delivered using the free-to-download zoom platform. Each night before the course you will be sent a link directly to your email which allows you to connect to your online course. It's the same as being in the classroom without having to leave your house.

Driver Medicals

Why do I need a driver medical to drive a HGV truck?

Driving HGVs is a big responsibility. All drivers need to be fit to drive to avoid placing the general public at risk. Health checks are mandatory at the start of your career and ay regular intervals.

Do I need to use my own GP to perform my Driver medical?

No. Any licenced GMC registered doctor can undertake the medical. Enterprise Transport training has access to qualified doctors where you can book online or via phone for a very competitive price.

Are there instances where it is better to use my own GP for my Driver Medical?

Yes. If you have a complex medical history where the DVLA might require additional information it may be easier to use your own GP.

How much does a driver medical examination cost?

At Enterprise Transport Training the cost for a driver medical is £59 and takes roughly 10-15 minutes.

What is the D2 licence application form?

This is the form used to apply for a HGV provisional licence.

What is the D4 medical form?

This is the form that the Doctor completes for DVSA to determine whether you are fit to drive an HGV (truck) or PCV (bus).

Can Enterprise Transport Training provide the D2 & D4 Forms?

Yes we do.

Is there an additional cost in obtaining the D2 and D4 forms?

No, this is all included in the medical price.

Who can complete a D4 Driver Medical form?

To complete a D4 Medical the doctor must hold full registration with the GMC (General Medical Council) and be licensed to practise medicine in the UK.

I am 45 years old, do I need an extra Driver Medical?

It is likely that your vocational driving licence categories will expire when you reach 45 years old. At this point, a medical is required to extend your categories for an additional 5 years. If you gained your HGV provisional after 40 your entitlements will last for 5 years from this date instead.

Driving Lessons (HGV)

Can I drive an HGV having only driven a car?

Yes, you can now learn to drive either a class 1 (artic) or class 2 (rigid). The law changed in 2021 removing the need to take a test on a class 2 prior to learning to drive a class 1.

Do Enterprise train HGV lessons on a 1:1 basis?

YES! Enterprise Transport training have always trained HGV lessons on a 1:1 basis . You are paying a lot of money and deserve our undivided attention.

Are HGV learning vehicles automatic?

Enterprise Transport Training learning HGV’s are all automatic to coincide with the vehicles you will be driving once you have passed your test. The days of learning on manual gearboxes are long gone.

Do I have to start my HGV lessons on a Monday?

No, Enterprise Transport Training operates 7 days a week and schedules your HGV driving lessons to fit with your allocated test.

Are HGV driving tests available every day?

Most HGV tests are conducted Monday to Friday. At times of peak demand the DVSA might also offer Saturday tests.

I want to learn to drive an HGV – What are the first steps?

Before you can learn to drive a HGV you need to pass a medical, theory and hazard perception course. Enterprise Transport Training bundles these together in their start pack.

What is an HGV learners Starter Pack?

An HGV learners starter pack is bundle of a medical, and a theory and a hazard perception course - all at a discounted price with Enterprise Transport Training.

How do I get my provisional HGV licence?

Prior to acquiring your provisional HGV licence you would need to pass a medical prior to applying for the licence.

I now have my provisional HGV licence – what are the next steps?

After acquiring you provisional HGV licence a theory and hazard perception course will provide the basis before stepping behind the wheel before any lessons can take place.

What are HGV 3a & 3b Tests?

The law changed in November 2021. The HGV driving test is now split into 2 parts. 3a Off-Road Manoeuvre's and 3b On-Road Driving

What does the HGV 3a Test involve?

The HGV 3a test involves conducting an S-shaped reverse into a bay. The 3a test for LGV1 (C+E) also includes an uncoupling and recoupling exercise.

Where are HGV 3a Tests conducted?

DVSA has authorised training organisations with suitable facilities and experienced instructors to carry out 3a tests. Enterprise Transport Training was one of the first organisations to be accredited in the UK.

Can I do my HGV 3a test after my HGV 3b test?

No. You must have passed your HGV 3a test and be in possession of a 3a Test pass certificate to take a 3b test.

How long is it before an HGV 3a test pass expires?

You have 6 months from passing your HGV 3a test to complete your 3b test.

How soon after passing my HGV 3a test can I take an HGV 3b test?

You can take the HGV 3b test as soon as you've passed your HGV 3a test.

Do I need a Digital Tachograph Card before learning to drive an HGV?

No. HGV Training is exempt. However, you will need one for work so it is worth applying for one in advance as they generally take a week to arrive. Details on how to apply are on

Forklift Truck (FLT)

Why do I need a Forklift licence?

It is a legal requirement that all Forklift operators to receive adequate training for any equipment they are using.

Do Forklift truck delegates need a driving licence?

No, unless the Forklift is being operated on the public highway.

Is there a minimum age to operate a Forklift?

Yes. In normal circumstances it's 16 however in certain locations it' is 18.

How often do I need a Forklift refresher course?

Your Forklift licence need refreshing every 3 years.

Do I need different training for different types of Forklift truck?

Yes. An operative need to have received adequate training for all types of equipment they are required to operate.

What Forklift courses can be provided on-site?

Enterprise training centres offer Reach and Counterbalance courses. A wider range of accreditation is available at customer sites.

How many Forklift Reach courses do you have?

We run 3 courses, Novice, Experienced and Refresher Courses. Novice is for beginners with little / no FLT experience, Experienced is for those with plenty of practical experience but have never undergone formal training and Refresher courses for those who have previously attended formal training.

How many Forklift Counterbalance courses do you have?

Similar to our Reach courses, Enterprise Transport Training hold novice, advanced and refresher forklift counterbalance courses.

What is the candidate to instructor ratio on a Forklift course?

At Enterprise Transport Training classes are a maximum of 3 delegates to 1 instructor.

Do Forklift supervisors need to be trained?

Yes. PUWER (the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) regulations require that anyone who supervises or manages the use of work equipment have adequate training.

What is PUWER?

PUWER (the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) covers any workplace equipment that could pose a risk to people's health and safety.

Can Forklift Truck training be undertaken on customers company premises?

Yes provided the facilities are suitable for the Enterprise Transport instructors. The benefit of onsite training is that candidates train in their normal work environment using the equipment they will be operating.

Can I book Forklift courses online?

Yes, as with all of our transport training courses go to to the Enterprise Transport Training website and select book now followed by Forklift Trucks. You will see a comprehensive list of all our courses and dates.


Do all HIAB operators need training?

Yes, it is a legal requirement that all operators receive adequate training for any equipment they are using.

How long does a HIAB course take?

A novice HIAB Course is undertaken over 2 days. An experienced operator may attend a 1 day course

What HIAB accreditation do I receive?

All of our HIAB courses are accredited by ITSSAR. (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register)

What is the candidate to instructor ratio?

This is normally a maximum of 3:1

Do HIAB operators have to be retested?

Health & Safety guidelines require that operators of HIAB trucks have to be retested at regular intervals.

Do supervisors need to be trained?

Yes. PUWER (the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) regulations require that anyone who supervises or manages the use of work equipment have adequate training.

What is PUWER?

PUWER (the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) covers any workplace equipment that could pose a risk to people's health and safety.

Initial CPC

I have passed my test, Why do I need an Initial CPC?

If you want to drive for hire or reward then you need an Initial CPC. This kick-starts your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). To keep it valid after 5 years you will need to top it up via the Periodic Driver CPC courses all available every day at Enterprise Transport Training..

What does the Initial CPC consist of?

Initial Driver CPC consists of 2 modules. Module 2 is the Theory test, Module 4 is the Practical test. Enterprise Transport Training can organise both these modules with you.

Do you get the Initial CPC results the same day?

Yes, moments after completing both the Driver CPC Modules 2 and 4, Enterprise Transport Training will let you know the outcome.

How long does an Initial CPC last?

Initial CPC lasts for 5 years, after this time, to continue driving for hire or reward you will top it up with Driver CPC courses.

Do I need an Initial CPC?

Initial Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is required for all new drivers of C1 or above who wish to drive for a living, or where the vehicle use would be classed as “hire & reward”.

How often do your Initial CPC Courses run?

Enterprise Transport Training runs Initial courses every week. Go to Book Now and select Initial CPC to find the next course convenient for yourself.


What does OLAT stand for in the Transport Industry?

OLAT stands for Operator Licence Awareness Training.

What does the OLAT course cover?

An Operator Licence Awareness Training course provides a comprehensive overview of the operator licensing systems and the legal undertakings that apply to transport operators.

Who is the OLAT course aimed at?

The OLAT course is aimed towards anyone wishing to update their legislation knowledge, those preparing to become a transport manager or operators advised by a Traffic Commissioner

How long is the OLAT course?

OLAT can be a one or two day course depending upon your requirements..

How does online OLAT training work?

You attend a course using the free-to-download zoom platform. A link to the course is emailed to you the evening before the course. You participate in the course in the same way as you would in a 'physical classroom'. At the end of the course you will be emailed a certificate of attendance.

Transport Manager Operator CPC

What are the benefits of a Transport Manager Operator CPC qualification?

If your ambition is to operate a fleet of 3 or above buses or HGV vehicles, you need to hold a Transport Manager Operator CPC qualification in order to do so.

What Transport Manager Operator CPC courses do you provide?

Enterprise Transport Training run 2 Operator CPC courses, Road Haulage and Passenger Transport.

Who should you select to gain your Operator CPC qualification?

Enterprise Transport Training pride themselves on their highly qualified instructors. These have put together an unrivalled package of online, face to face and Apps to get you through the course. Additionally, you can start studying immediately well ahead of your exam date.

How do you book Transport Manager courses?

If you select 'Book Now' from the Enterprise Transport Training website home page and select Operator CPC you will be given the list of courses available along with the dates available.

When are the Transport Manager Operator CPC exam dates?

Exams are run 4 times per year. These are typically the second Friday in the months of March, June, Sept and December. 2022 exam days are 9th Sept and 9th December.

Are Transport Manager Operator CPC exams easy to pass?

This qualification is equivalent to A-Level standard. It will require the delegate to put some time and effort into obtaining this qualification.

What is the pass rate for Transport Manager Operator CPC exams?

For those delegates that have followed the course material and practised the exams (both practical and mulitiple-choice via our app), we are confident you will be prepared for your exam day.

How many exams are there in the Transport Manager Operator CPC exam?

There are 2 exams, a practical as well as a multiple-choice exam. Typically one starts at 10am and the other at 1pm on the same day. These times apply for both the Road Haulage and the Passenger Transport courses.

Do Enterprise Transport Training accept external delegates to take Operator CPC exams?

Should you choose to use another provider for your course training, you are welcome to come and sit your exams at our venue that is close to you. Book your exams on our website or call us.

Where are your Exam locations for Operator CPC exams?

As our business grows, the number of locations grows. Although we cover much of the UK, it is recommended to check on our website, under the book now option and select course Operator CPC and delivery 'Examination'. Here you will see the venues and exam dates available.

What do customers say about our Transport Manager courses?

We often receive fantastic feedback such as our instructors are knowledgeable, the course content is clear to follow and practising multiple choice questions via the app really helps. The venues for exams are of a high standard.

How can I find out more about Transport Manager Operator CPC courses?

You can read the course content on the Enterprise Transport Training website (under courses) or give us a call on 0161 494 2836 to speak to a friendly advisor.